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1MC1A 431000537083365855
2MC1A 4310010600642 66960
3MC11 431001065723269718

Designed for continuous operation at a rated capacity of 15 SCFM at pressures up to 4500 PSI.
It is a 4-stage, 4-cylinder radial assembly, available in 3-phase electric, diesel or gasoline driven models.
They are designed for the breathing air and aviation ground support industries
It is used to charge scuba and SCBA breathing air cylinders up to 4500 psi.
Nitrogen gas may be inducted from external sources up to 3500 psig for charging air craft pneumatic systems
hydraulic accumulators, oleo struts and tires.
May be used for servicing trailers which will in turn service aircraft.
The air compressor unit is designed to be operated under extreme climatic conditions.

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