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High pressure multi-stage breathing air compressors have unique requirements that can best be met by Ultrachem's Chemlube 201, 501, 751, and 810 premium 100% synthetic oils.


USDA H-2 approved formulations Wide temperature range High flash points mean reduced fire hazards
Cost effective Eliminate seasonal oil changes Waste disposal is minimized due to longer life than petroleum oil


 Recommended Applications










Bauer     **  
Davey MC1A, MC11, MB1   ** **  
Eagle   ** **  
Hamworthy   ** **  
Mako   **    
Ingersoll-Rand 6R51     ** **
Worthington V2A4     **  
Coltri     **  
Cornelius (3 Stage) **      
Stewart-Warner (3 Stage) **      
Walter Kidde (3 & 4 stage) **      

Chemlube 201 meets Mil-L-6085A.

Applications: Instruments - business machines - appliances - meters - postal equipment - motors - timing devices - compressors - hydraulic devices, etc.


Typical Properties

          Chemlube 201
Viscosity cSt. 210 F   D445 3.4
  SUS 100 F   D445 71.6
  cSt. 100 F   D445 13.5
  cSt. 0 F   D445 185
  SUS 210 F   D445 37.5
Viscosity Index       D2270 168
Pour Point   C   D97 -65
    F   D97 -85
Flash Point   C   D92 224
    F   D92 435
Fire Point   C   D92 241
    F   D92 465
Evaporation 22.5 hrs. 210 F   D972 0.85%
Specific Gravity Observed     D1298 0.925
Foaming         Nil
Moisture Content         Nil
Lbs./Gallon         7.67
Chemlube 501




Useful life: Chemlube 501 is useful under normal operating conditions for 4000 hours in rotary vanes, and 8000 hours in reciprocating crankcases. Please contact Ultrachem for scheduled change intervals on high pressure units. Energy reduction: The Chemlubes have extensive data showing energy reductions on compressor drive units averaging 6.7% on recips and 8.3% on rotary screws. Software compatibility: The diester oils are compatible with most currently used compressor components including seals, paints and plastics. However, some materials are not recommended for use with diester oils. Please contact Ultrachem for further information.

Typical Properties

          Chemlube 501
SAE Grade         30
ISO Viscosity Grade       D2422 100
Viscosity cSt. 40 C   D445 90
  cSt. 100 C   D445 9.2
Viscosity Index       D2270 70
Pour Point   C   D97 -34
    F   D97 -30
Flash Point   C   D92 260
    F   D97 500
Carbon Residue       D189 <0.02%
Evaporation 22 hrs. @210 F   D972 0.98%
Foaming Seq. I,II,III       D892 NIL
Copper Corrosion       D130 1A
Specific Gravity       D1298 0.94
USDA Authorization H-1 or H-2       H-2
Demulsibility       D1401 Excellent

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